GOD TV on channel 432 of Unitymedia

(GOD TV) During September GOD TV will become available on one of Germany’s leading cable operators, Unitymedia in three German states: 1. Nordrhein-Westfalen (01.September) 2. Hessen (05.September) 3. Baden-Württemberg (12.September) This is a significant breakthrough for us in Europe, so if you [...]

2. September 2017

Global Gathering Convention 2015

25th -28th of October 2015  Olympic Hall Munich live broadcasting on Gott24.TV  (HD Internet Channel) Join thousands of Christians from all nations of the world “live at Gott24.TV”via Internet while worshipping, dancing and adoring our Lord and Saviour. Be part of this Global Convention by [...]

23. October 2015

Logos TV

(ChristTV) On the Hotbird satellite Logos TV (12111 V 27500) was started. It is the first channel of the Orthodox Coptic Church Diaspora, under the direct supervision of the Coptic Orthodox [...]

3. April 2015

Christmas Time on UCB TV

UCB TV has programme highlights at this Christmas season. Here's a selection. Times are UK time (CET -1) Sunday 21st December 2:00pm  Courageous Monday 22nd December 4:00pm  Veggie Tales: Little Drummer Boy 7:30pm  The Book of Esther 9:00pm  Alleged Tuesday 23rd December [...]

20. December 2014

Despite TV everywhere pushes, most Americans still prefer the TV set

(RapidTVNews) Despite the undeniable growth in TV viewing via PC, tablet and smartphones, 80% of Americans say they prefer to watch television, on a television. New research from BroadStream Solutions and market research firm YouGov showed that when it comes to real quality entertainment and [...]

17. August 2014

Whistleblower: NSA Goal Is ‘Total Population Control’

(CBN.com) William Binney worked for the National Security Agency as a mathematician and code-breaker for more than 30 years. But he resigned from the covert intelligence gathering agency in late 2001 because he said the NSA was purposefully violating the Constitution. Binney said the NSA took one [...]

10. August 2014

Gospel Channel Europe

Gospel Channel Europe started a new on the Eutelsat Hotbird plattform. The transmitter comes from Iceland and was founded as a local TV station in 1991 by Evangelist Erik Erikson. Reception frequency is 12520 V 27.500 (FEC 3/4) . The website of the transmitter is http://www.gospel.tv , where also [...]

19. July 2014

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