Iraqi Ambassador: “Combat Terrorism on Behalf of All Humanity”

(h20news/23/11/2010) Terrorists are enemies of humanity and Christians are not their enemy. The blood of Muslims was wasted before the blood of Christians. Terrorism has never differentiated between Muslim or Christian. This is according to the Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See, Mr Habbeb al Sadr, at a meeting in which he commented on the massacre at the church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad on October 31. The attack claimed more than 55 lives.

Al Sadr, who said that among the objectives of the terrorists was to empty Iraq of Christians, said he also sees a relationship between the attack and synod of bishops on the Middle East, because the synod fathers laid down a solid foundation for interreligious dialogue.

“These attacks aimed at sending a message to the synod fathers because the terrorists do not like this close relationship between Christianity and Islam. They wanted to destroy this closeness, and want to speak falsely in the name of all Muslims who want this dialogue. They want, wrongly, to say there is no dialogue with Christians.”

The ambassador called on Iraqi Christians to be patient, not to give in to terrorist threats and not to accept any foreign protection because that makes them prey to terrorists and gives them an excuse to continue their terrorist attacks. Al-Sadr has also extended an invitation to the Holy See:

“Why urge Iraqi Christians to remain steadfast, to share the sacrifices with their fellow Iraqis, and not to emigrate from Iraq? Iraq is the original homeland of Christians: they are citizens, the people of Iraq. It’s a pity that those born here leave their homes because of  heinous terrorist threats.”

The Iraqi diplomat said that the destiny of Iraqis is to fight this battle not only for themselves but also on behalf of the entire international community because terrorism is not only enemy of Iraq, but is the enemy of all humanity.

“If, God forbid, Iraq is defeated, what will be the situation for Europeans? No Frenchman, Italian, Englishman or any European will be able to rest easy if Iraq loses its battle against this heinous enemy. We are fighting not only to preserve our existence and our future but also to preserve the existence and the future of all humanity.”

According to Iraq’s representative to the Holy See, the country has turned a page in wars, conflicts and weapons of mass destruction. “Today,” he concluded, “Iraq wants to build relations of mutual respect and interests, and has a policy of noninterference in the affairs of other countries, particularly in its region.”

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