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Christian Television Station Launches in the Holy Land

(Charisma Magazine) Imagine a television station, airing Christian programming, broadcasting throughout the land of Israel, Palestinian territories and beyond. As of Christmas Day 2012, Holy Land Broadcasting has been doing that live from Bethlehem with a network of television stations that reaches [...]

27. January 2013

Bibel TV approved to start on DTV DTT Freeview in Munich

(BLM/ChristTV) The German Christian broadcaster Bibel TV was approved on 29/07/2010 to broadcast over the antenna by DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) in Munich and South Bavaria with a license accorded up to 31/05/2010. It became possible since Tele5 withdrew from its spreading over the antenna [...]

30. July 2010

Premier Radio to launch nationwide Christian DAB station

Christian media charity Premier Radio is set to launch a national Christian DAB station on 21 September ( The station is currently available on DAB in London, Sky, Freeview and through the internet, and its backers are believed to be in advanced talks with Digital One to [...]

19. August 2009

New Radio Show in Bethlehem

(CrossRhythms/StocktonOnTrent/09.04.09) A brand new weekly radio show called Rhythms Of Life (Nagam Al Haya in Arabic) began on April 5th on a radio station in [...]

9. April 2009