ChristTV “broadcasts” again

(ChristTV) After a longer period of silence due to a change of job Im going to revert to regularly publish reports on Christian radio and television on this page.

Vision Project hbbTV

Alongside with the growing together of internet content with the television set, it gets interesting for smaller programme providers, to bring sound and  moving content into television. It is my vision to set up a basic structure so that sounding and moving messages can get unto the TV set and its loudspeakers into the living room. For this purpose, money is needed for a content management system, as well as for broadasting the "red button functionality" for the remote control over satellite, tv cable and digital terrestrial transmission. The content I would like to publish is already existing, so it is not a programme of my own, but only the tuner or reference guide of a private and non-commercial kind.

God is big enough to bless.

If you are moved by what I plan please feel free to contact me.

What is hbbTV?

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