The Netherlands Public Broadcaster (NPO) commits to DAB+

(WorldDMB/The Hague) The WorldDMB Marketing Seminar ‘The Netherlands and Belgium –Best Practice for the DAB/DAB+ Industry’ saw the leading executives from the digital radio industry mainly representing the Netherlands and Belgium come together to discuss the latest news affecting their own digital radio industries and that of their immediate neighbouring countries.
Speakers updated participants on plans for regional roll-out and marketing strategies with Hans Bakhuizen, Senior Policy Technology Adviser at NPO stating that “NPO is committed to DAB+ and a tender for a maximum of 20 DAB+ radio stations and possibly a maximum of 3 DMB-T video channels has been sent to TED for publication today”. Tom Visser the Project Manager for Digital Radio at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands, reinforced the message for the Netherlands support to the DAB family of standards by emphasising that the Netherlands Ministries were “fully committed” to digital radio and the political climate was right for digital radio in The Netherlands with public and commercial broadcasters and other relevant parties including the ministries working together around the roll-out of digital radio. Mr Visser said that although there was no clear sign from Brussels on digital radio it could be interesting for Germany, the UK, Norway and the Netherlands to look at working together to communicate the need for a clear signal on the future of digital radio from Brussels.
Another area of key importance that was covered were the opportunities for monetisation that the DAB family of standards can bring. This issue was covered in depth by the sponsor of the event Ronald Haanstra, Founder and CEO, MTVNL who said “WorldDMB has successfully brought together all the key players in the Dutch industry for the first time and we are at the beginning of a new age for digital broadcasting ” Mr Haanstra then went on to highlight how to multiply revenues via visual radio “The driver for digital radio is multiple revenue streams and lower costs. Interactivity in digital radio is such an important part of future broadcasting and the DAB family offers more content, new formats, convergence and extra services – and ultimately the consumer is the winner!”
Francis Goffin, Director General of Radio at RTBF underlined that “DAB+ is an environment friendly broadcasting technology and went on to provide delegates with a suggested country roll-out strategy. Mr Goffin said that “The only future for radio is to coordinate the digital migration as an industry – French-speaking Belgium is going digital. Other speakers who showed their future commitmcommitment to the DAB family of standards included Erik de Zwart, Radio Entrepreneur, Multi-media investor, Ruud Vader, Secretary of the DigiRadio Foundation and Dominique Lievyns, Chief sales & Marketing Officer, Norkring België and Els van de Sijpe, Media Radio Manager,VRT.

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