UCB TV Schedule for September 2012

(all times are UK Time)

12:00am The Revolution TV
12:30am UKCMC
1:00am In Touch
1:30am In Touch
2:00am Bayside TV
2:30am Sunday Feature
3:00am Sunday Feature
3:30am Encore D
4:00am Encore D
4:30am RiverviewLIVE
5:00am R.C. Sproul
5:30am Relate
6:00am Metropolitan Tabernacle
6:30am Metropolitan Tabernacle
7:00am Devotions
7:30am Auto B Good
8:00am Going Wild
8:30am Active Word, The
9:00am God Provides
9:30am Bayless Conley
10:00am Bayside TV
10:30am Sunday Feature
11:00am Sunday Feature
11:30am Gaither Gospel Series
12:00pm Journey into the Amazon
12:30pm Facing the Canon
1:00pm Day of Discovery
1:30pm Devotions
2:00pm Lakewood Church
2:30pm Lakewood Church
3:00pm UK 1 Conference Highlights
3:30pm UK 1 Conference Highlights
4:00pm Buzz and poppy
4:30pm Auto B Good
5:00pm The Revolution TV
5:30pm UKCMC
6:00pm Living Truth
6:30pm Living Truth
7:00pm Days of Wonder
7:30pm Encore A
8:00pm Encore A
8:30pm Encore A
9:00pm Word For You
9:30pm Your Best Life
10:00pm Precious Word of Truth
10:30pm Bayless Conley
11:00pm Friday Night Feature
11:30pm Friday Night Feature

12:00am MXTV
12:30am The Revolution TV
1:00am What’s so funny
1:30am Living Truth
2:00am Living Truth
2:30am The Bible
3:00am The Bible
3:30am The Bible
4:00am Little Film, Big Heart
4:30am Live from Studio B
5:00am Running With Fire
5:30am Bayless Conley
6:00am R.C. Sproul
6:30am Grace Fellowship, Ireland
7:00am Devotions
7:30am The Dooley and Pals Shows
8:00am Auto B Good
8:30am Living Truth
9:00am Living Truth
9:30am Relate
10:00am Days of Wonder
10:30am Encore A
11:00am Encore A
11:30am Encore A
12:00pm Footnote
12:30pm Bayless Conley
1:00pm Precious Word of Truth
1:30pm Devotions
2:00pm The Bible
2:30pm The Bible
3:00pm The Bible
3:30pm Journey into the Amazon
4:00pm Auto B Good
4:30pm Going Wild
5:00pm MXTV
5:30pm The Revolution TV
6:00pm In Touch
6:30pm In Touch
7:00pm Abundant Life Bradford
7:30pm Live from Studio B
8:00pm Encore B
8:30pm Encore B
9:00pm Hillsong Television
9:30pm Lakewood Church
10:00pm Lakewood Church
10:30pm Conference Highlights – Encore
11:00pm Active Word, The
11:30pm Word For You

12:00am Positive Hits
12:30am Positive Hits
1:00am Abundant Life Bradford
1:30am UK 1 Conference Highlights
2:00am UK 1 Conference Highlights
2:30am Friday Night Feature
3:00am Friday Night Feature
3:30am A Love Worth Finding
4:00am Day of Discovery
4:30am Active Word, The
5:00am Grace Fellowship, Ireland
5:30am Hillsong Television
6:00am In Touch
6:30am In Touch
7:00am Devotions
7:30am Auto B Good
8:00am Going Wild
8:30am Conference Highlights – Encore
9:00am Conference Highlights – Encore
9:30am Lakewood Church
10:00am Lakewood Church
10:30am UK 1 Conference Highlights
11:00am UK 1 Conference Highlights
11:30am Hillsong Television
12:00pm Building a Difference
12:30pm Active Word, The
1:00pm Hope City TV
1:30pm Devotions
2:00pm Gaither Gospel Series
2:30pm Word For You
3:00pm Conference Highlights-
3:30pm Conference Highlights-
4:00pm Auto B Good
4:30pm Going Wild
5:00pm UKCMC
5:30pm Rock Nations TV
6:00pm UK 1 Conference Highlights
6:30pm UK 1 Conference Highlights
7:00pm New Covennant Church
7:30pm Building a Difference
8:00pm Sunday Feature
8:30pm Sunday Feature
9:00pm Destined to Reign
9:30pm Destined to Reign
10:00pm Live from Studio B
10:30pm Hope City TV
11:00pm Reel
11:30pm Little Film, Big Heart

12:00am MXTV
12:30am Rock Nations TV
1:00am Footnote
1:30am Live from Studio B
2:00am Grace Fellowship, Ireland
2:30am Sunday Feature
3:00am Sunday Feature
3:30am Building a Difference
4:00am Reel
4:30am Little Film, Big Heart
5:00am New Covennant Church
5:30am Facing the Canon
6:00am Destined to Reign
6:30am Destined to Reign
7:00am Devotions
7:30am The Dooley and Pals Shows
8:00am Auto B Good
8:30am Encore B
9:00am Encore B
9:30am Your Best Life
10:00am New Covennant Church
10:30am Sunday Feature
11:00am Sunday Feature
11:30am Destined to Reign
12:00pm Destined to Reign
12:30pm Building a Difference
1:00pm Relate
1:30pm Devotions
2:00pm RiverviewLIVE
2:30pm Little Film, Big Heart
3:00pm Conference Highlights – Encore
3:30pm Conference Highlights – Encore
4:00pm The Dooley and Pals Shows
4:30pm Auto B Good
5:00pm Positive Hits
5:30pm Positive Hits
6:00pm Turning Point with David Jeremiah
6:30pm Turning Point with David Jeremiah
7:00pm Active Word, The
7:30pm Footnote
8:00pm What’s so funny
8:30pm Facing the Canon
9:00pm RiverviewLIVE
9:30pm Days of Wonder
10:00pm Journey into the Amazon
10:30pm Running With Fire
11:00pm Encore D
11:30pm Encore D

12:00am Live from Studio B
12:30am UKCMC
1:00am Facing the Canon
1:30am Turning Point with David Jeremiah
2:00am Turning Point with David Jeremiah
2:30am Encore B
3:00am Encore B
3:30am RiverviewLIVE
4:00am Word For You
4:30am Your Best Life
5:00am Running With Fire
5:30am Active Word, The
6:00am Grace Fellowship, Ireland
6:30am R.C. Sproul
7:00am Devotions
7:30am Paws and Tales
8:00am Buzz and poppy
8:30am Turning Point with David Jeremiah
9:00am Turning Point with David Jeremiah
9:30am Precious Word of Truth
10:00am Conference Highlights – Encore
10:30am Encore B
11:00am Encore B
11:30am Journey into the Amazon
12:00pm Your Best Life
12:30pm Running With Fire
1:00pm A Love Worth Finding
1:30pm Devotions
2:00pm Building a Difference
2:30pm Reel
3:00pm Conference Highlights-
3:30pm Conference Highlights-
4:00pm Buzz and poppy
4:30pm Paws and Tales
5:00pm MXTV
5:30pm UKCMC
6:00pm Impact For Life
6:30pm Reel
7:00pm Bayside TV
7:30pm Hearts Wide Open
8:00pm Rock Nations TV
8:30pm Footnote
9:00pm Lakewood Church
9:30pm Lakewood Church
10:00pm Friday Night Feature
10:30pm Friday Night Feature
11:00pm Positive Hits
11:30pm Positive Hits

12:00am The Revolution TV
12:30am Rock Nations TV
1:00am Abundant Life Bradford
1:30am Active Word, The
2:00am Conference Highlights-
2:30am Conference Highlights-
3:00am Friday Night Feature
3:30am Friday Night Feature
4:00am In Touch
4:30am In Touch
5:00am Bayside TV
5:30am Abundant Life Bradford
6:00am A Love Worth Finding
6:30am Devotions
7:00am The Dooley and Pals Shows
7:30am Auto B Good
8:00am Going Wild
8:30am Paws and Tales
9:00am Buzz and poppy
9:30am Positive Hits
10:00am Positive Hits
10:30am MXTV
11:00am The Revolution TV
11:30am Rock Nations TV
12:00pm Live from Studio B
12:30pm Reel
1:00pm Journey into the Amazon
1:30pm Bayside TV
2:00pm Conference Highlights – Encore
2:30pm Conference Highlights – Encore
3:00pm RiverviewLIVE
3:30pm Building a Difference
4:00pm Little Film, Big Heart
4:30pm Hearts Wide Open
5:00pm Metropolitan Tabernacle
5:30pm Metropolitan Tabernacle
6:00pm New Covennant Church
6:30pm Grace Fellowship, Ireland
7:00pm Gaither Gospel Series
7:30pm Saturday Feature
8:00pm Saturday Feature
8:30pm Saturday Feature
9:00pm Hillsong Television
9:30pm Hope City TV
10:00pm Rock Nations TV
10:30pm What’s so funny
11:00pm Precious Word of Truth
11:30pm Relate

12:00am Positive Hits
12:30am Positive Hits
1:00am Impact For Life
1:30am Lakewood Church
2:00am Lakewood Church
2:30am Saturday Feature
3:00am Saturday Feature
3:30am Saturday Feature
4:00am Hope City TV
4:30am Relate
5:00am Destined to Reign
5:30am Destined to Reign
6:00am R.C. Sproul
6:30am Devotions
7:00am New Covennant Church
7:30am Bayless Conley
8:00am In Touch
8:30am In Touch
9:00am Grace Fellowship, Ireland
9:30am Word For You
10:00am Days of Wonder
10:30am Precious Word of Truth
11:00am Running With Fire
11:30am Your Best Life
12:00pm Abundant Life Bradford
12:30pm Hillsong Television
1:00pm Lakewood Church
1:30pm Lakewood Church
2:00pm Saturday Feature
2:30pm Saturday Feature
3:00pm Saturday Feature
3:30pm Day of Discovery
4:00pm Journey into the Amazon
4:30pm What’s so funny
5:00pm Facing the Canon
5:30pm The Bible
6:00pm The Bible
6:30pm The Bible
7:00pm Turning Point with David Jeremiah
7:30pm Turning Point with David Jeremiah
8:00pm Living Truth
8:30pm Living Truth
9:00pm Sunday Feature
9:30pm Sunday Feature
10:00pm Footnote
10:30pm Live from Studio B
11:00pm Encore D
11:30pm Encore D

Conference Highli ghts
This month our UK1 slot repeats Colin and Clive
Urquhart’s Faith Camp 2010 Conference.
For our International Conference we are going
to take a look at the Hillsong Nights ‘07 and hear
some truth hitting talks and inspirational dance
In our Conference Encore we take a second look at
FGBMFI 2010 Conference.
Midwee k &
Sunday Features
4th: A Call to Business
The Call to Business is a wakeup call to business
men and women to understand that god has
called and anointed them to serve him ‘full time’ in
the marketplace.
7th: Exploring Biblical Jordan
More and more discoveries are being made in the
land of Jordan related to the actual places where
some of the greatest Bible events took place!
Journey with us in this compelling documentary in
which Bible events come to life.
11th and 14th: The Cross and the Towers
Follow seven individuals’ whose lives were
changed forever, not only by the horrific events
of September 11th, but by the stunning symbol of
hope they found buried in the rubble at Ground
18th and 21st: Bringing Home the Prodigals
Join Rob Parson’s, Care for the Family, as he talks
at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall about his heart
for bringing people who have strayed away from
the Church back to Christ.
25th and 28th: The Sabre
Cameron is a top grade student, specialising
specifically in computer studies. However, it’s
not long until the falls into the temptations most
teenage guys fall into and starts becoming
consumed by pornography.
FRIDAY Features
2nd: An Unbelievable Journey
Steve Ryan and his team of Bios fuel team as they
set off across Austrailia desert to prove that they
have found a substantial water-based fuel. Steve
and his team not only face one of the toughest
terrains on earth but scrutiny from scientists.
9th: The Better Hour
The Better Hour is the story of a man who, inspired
by faith, used his political and social influence to
change the world for the better. At the beginning
of the 19th century, almost a third of the British
economy depended on the trade of human beings.
16th: Run Baby Run
Follows the story of Nicky Cruz from his early
life in a family bound by the occult, to the streets
of New York City where he became the leader of
one of America’s most violent gangs and to his
transformation through Christ.
23rd: In His Presence
In his Presence presents to you a series of
soothing scenes of God’s beautiful creation.
30th: A Week with My Father
A documentary following the lives of several men
as they have grown up without a father figure in
their lives until they are given the chance to spend
a week with their absent parent to finally get to
know them.
Saturday Features
3rd: Test of Faith
Does science threaten belief in God? This visually
stunning documentary, widely accredited by some
of the biggest leaders in Christian ministry, looks at
the issues science raises with faith. However, the
overall message is that science is compatible with
genuine faith in God.
10th: To Save a Life
Jake and Roger were both best friends when they
were kids but now that they’re in high school,
they are worlds apart. Whilst Jake has everything
teenage guy could ask for all Roger gets is
constant put downs. Sick of the way school politics
control his life Roger looks to do something about
17th: Johnny
When Drew Carter, tragically loses his son in a
car accident while his wife, Julia, was driving
sends the whole family into shock. As his wife and
daughter seem to be drifting away from him, hope
in a boy called Johnny who suffers from leukaemia
brings hope to the family.
24th: Father G and the Homeboys
Narrated by Martin Sheen, this documentary
takes a look at the streets of LA and the gangs
that operate there and the guy who ministers to
them. Father Gregory Boyle, a man who runs a
non-profit organisation which helps at risk youth
get jobs and detour them from gang life.
Encore Slots
Encore slots give you a second chance to view last
month’s special features. For more information
on individual features, check out last month’s
Encore A
5th: Rebuilding Hope
12th: WWJD
19th: Between the Walls
24th: Wesley
Encore B
1st: Amazing Grace
8th: Heart of Texas
15th: Most and Audience of One
22nd: Mama Heidi
29th: John Bunyan: The Story of a Pilgrim
Encore D
4th: Exploring Biblical Jordan
11th: Audience of One & Know the Odds
18th: Noah’s Arc
25th: John Hus

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