Salvation Army rocks for charity

After Swiss stars like DJ Bobo, Lovebugs, Anna Rossinelli and Sinplus, this year’s candidates are Switzerland’s widest-known musicians: the Salvation Army.

(The Salvation Army Switzerland) This time the Salvation Army won’t be sounding like during Advent, for example. With good reason: our song for the ESC was composed by Roman Camenzind’s Hitmill – Switzerland’s leading producer such as for Bligg, Baschi, Adrian Stern and others.

Salvation Army project manager Martin Künzi: “Everything started with what sounded like a crazy idea. But then we all got enthusiastic about it, and after managing to get Hitmill as producer, we clearly had to give it a try. Because even without winning, it would still be worth doing. Firstly to show that we love challenges, secondly to get a new song in our Christmas repertoire.”

Hitmill’s Georg Schlunegger, who wrote songs for the Swiss TV series “Cover me” this summer and now “You and me” for the Salvation Army, doesn’t worry about it either: “We Hitmill people know just how challenging the Eurovision Song Contest is for Switzerland, but we like this Salvation Army initiative so much that we decided to join in. Winning points is not the point – it’s all in a good cause.”

Salvation Army rocks Malmö

The six Salvation Army candidates for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö were selected by internal casting. All these members are enthusiastic spare-time musicians, ranging from twenty to ninety-four years old.

The Band

  • Emil Ramsauer (94) Contrabass und E-guitar
  • Michael Sterckx (47) Trombone
  • Katharina Hauri (46) Timbal and Backing Voice
  • Christoph Jakob (31) Lead vocals
  • Sarah Breiter (20) 2nd voice
  • Jonas Gygax (22) E-guitar

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