(Featured Ministry) In this popular teaching series, Ken Legg shows us from the letter to the Hebrews how to make the transition from the old covenant to the new covenant. God is a God of covenant. He relates to us on the basis of covenant. A covenant is an arrangement placed between two parties [...]

8. September 2011

Now showing: Israel and Palestinian State

(Revelation TV) We want to highlight an important live programme that we have today from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm (UK time): Israel and Palestinian State. The Palestinians have declared that they are asking the UN General Assembly when it meets later this month to agree to their becoming a separate [...]

6. September 2011

Remembering 9/11

(InTouch Ministries) On September 11, 2011, Dr. Charles Stanley will look back on the day that changed America. Visit to learn more about a live-streaming event from New York City, video interviews with survivors, a special TV program, and [...]

5. September 2011

France Télévisions adopts HbbTV for hybrid DTT services

(Rapid TV News) In a resounding tour de force for connected TV, France Télévisions is to launch a DTT portal and TV news application for connected devices supporting the HbbTV specification. The development of the hybrid broadcast and broadband portal follows a successful pilot of HbbTV services [...]

5. September 2011

UCB TV Schedule for September 2012

(all times are UK Time) MONDAY 12:00am The Revolution TV 12:30am UKCMC 1:00am In Touch 1:30am In Touch 2:00am Bayside TV 2:30am Sunday Feature 3:00am Sunday Feature 3:30am Encore D 4:00am Encore D 4:30am RiverviewLIVE 5:00am R.C. Sproul 5:30am Relate 6:00am Metropolitan Tabernacle 6:30am [...]

29. August 2011

Revelation TV

(Revelation TV) Tonight on Revelation TV we are holding our monthly Building the Foundation programme from 8.00 pm to midnight. (UK time) As we have watched the events of the last few days unfold in London and other cities, we sensed that we could not devote four hours to sharing and asking for [...]

9. August 2011

Benedict XVI: Resolve Conflicts in the Arab World

(h2Onews) The Pope has received in audience the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Michel Sleiman. The cordial talks served to highlight how the presence of various Christian and Muslim communities there offer a message of freedom and respectful coexistence, not only for the region but for the [...]

25. February 2011

Christian Country Music started over the Internet

(CBN/Christ TV) The brand new radio station “Cross Country – Where Country meets the Cross” was started over the internet. A well-designed homepage waits upon the listener with background information and cooking recipies. There is also a an iPhone App for the CBN radio stations on [...]

8. February 2011

Pope: Respond to Terror with Faith

(h2Onews/03/01/2011) “Yesterday morning we learned with sorrow the news of the serious attack against the Coptic Christian community in Alexandria, Egypt. This vile act of death, such as planting bombs close to the homes of Christians in Iraq to force them to leave, offends God and all [...]

4. January 2011

“Saints Now” – The Martyrs of Iraq

(h2Onews/ 02/12/2010) After their condemnation of violence, and their prayer in communion manifested in various ways — such as in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem — Arab Christians in the Holy Land have now launched a special petition. It calls for those brothers and sisters in the [...]

3. December 2010

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