Satellite Reception

(ChristTV) There is much more good to hear and to see over satellite than you actually may believe. Here we publish our up-to-date list of digitally available English-language Christian television channels and remarkable Christian broadcast spots on the Hotbird 13° East and Eutelsat 28.2° East Satellite positions which you can watch generally in Europe. It’s well worth it to watch more than one satellite in a dish or install two dishes to get a remarkable number of English-speaking content. You don’t need a subscription for it.

Eutelsat Hotbird 13° East – Television – English

3ABN International24h/7dEnglish11317V27.5003/4
Al Malakoot Sat24h/7dpartly in English12520V27.5005/6
Angel TV24h/7dpartly in English12520V27.5005/6
Daystar HD24h/7dEnglish11642H27.5003/4
EWTN UK & Ireland24h/7dEnglish10949V27.5003/4
Hillsong Channel24h/7dEnglish12303V27.5003/4
Hope Channel Europe24h/7dEnglish11317V27.5003/4
JUCE TV/Smile TV24h/7dEnglish12303V27.5003/4
KICC TV24h/7dEnglish11200V27.5005/6
Loveworld TV24h/7dEnglish11245H29.9005/6
SBN International24h/7dEnglish11317V27.5005/6
SBN International24h/7dEnglish, Spanish11334H27.5003/4
TBN Europe24h/7dEnglish12303V27.5003/4
The Word Network24h/7dEnglish10815H27.5003/4
CNBC EuropeSat 09-10, Sun 08-10+11:30-12English10949V27.5003/4

Eutelsat Hotbird 13° East – Radio – English

no English language Radio channel hereat this time

Eutelsat Eurobird 28.2° East – Television – English

BelieVe TV24h/7dEnglish11112H22.0005/6
Daystar HD24h/7dEnglish11686V23.0002/3
EWTN UK & Ireland24h/7dEnglish11264V27.5002/3
Faith World TV24h/7dEnglish11538V22.0005/6
GOD TV UK24h/7dEnglish11568V27.5005/6
Gospel Channel Europe24h/7dEnglish11597V22.0005/6
Hillsong Channel24h/7dEnglish11082H22.0005/6
INI TV24h/7dEnglish11082H22.0005/6
KICC TV24h/7dEnglish11538V22.0005/6
Loveworld TV24h/7dEnglish11082H22.0005/6
SBN International24h/7dEnglish11597V22.0005/6
TBN UK24h/7dEnglish11264V27.5002/3
The Word Network24h/7dEnglish11538V22.0005/6

Eutelsat Eurobird 28.2° East – Radio – English

EWTN Radio Europe/UK24h/7dEnglish11264V27.5002/3
TWR United Kingdom24h/7dEnglish11538V22.0005/6
UCB Ireland24h/7dEnglish11553H22.0005/6
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